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Squealing Whovian's Ramblings
  1. Gentlemen of OUAT and how they call their True Loves

    1. Prince Charming: Snow!
    2. Captain Hook: Swan!
    3. Robin Hood: M'Lady.
    4. Rumplestiltskin: My Darling Belle
    5. Rumplestiltskin: Beautiful Belle
    6. Rumplestiltskin: Sweetheart
  2. maylyssa:

    "What’s the toughest for you, Alex?"

    "Larry King meets ER" - 1998 {X}
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An english major in math class


    An english major in math class

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    i’m too busy shipping my otp to care about my own love life

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    i just realized that maria hill reports directly to fury and natasha reports directly to fury and melinda may reports directly to fury and they’re the only ones we see regularly speaking to him

    all three of director fury’s closest lieutenants are women how metal is that


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    inspired by (x) and (x)

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    Reblog if you think it’s okay to be homosexual







    I need to prove a point to my homophobic friend.

    I’m writing down the urls of everyone who reblogs this in a notebook, and will present it to my friend when it is sufficiently full.

    You’re gonna need a bigger book

    No you’re gonna need a new friend

    Or both

    deffinetly both